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T. B. Ghosh, Librarian

IBS (Icfai Business School), Ahmedabad, India

Formerly, Librarian

S. V. National Institute of Technology

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Creator: Sri Badan Barman, Academic Consultant,  School of LIS, KKH State Open University, Guwahati



The J-Gate coverage includes over 2,500+ open access journals launched by Informatics India Ltd. as India's contribution to the cause of promoting global science communication.


Information Technology & Internet


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  • Cu (Computers underground) Digest

  • Cyber Aspect

  • Cybermetrics

  • Cyberpulse

  • Datamation

  • Econometrica

  • e-doc

  • Electronic Journal of Communication

  • EMedia Professional

  • Eye on IT

  • First Monday

  • Information Today

  • Internet Analyst (The)

  • Internet Business Advantage

  • Internet Monthly Reports

  • Internet Resources Newsletter

  • Internet World Daily

  • Intranet Journal

  • Java World

  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

  • JSTOR (All Journals)

  • JSTOR Business (65 Journals)

  • JSTOR Economics (36 Journals)

  • JSTOR Finance (7 Journals)



  • NetFuture: Technology and Human Responsibility

  • System Concepts (ergonomics in practice)

  • Telecom Update

  • Telemanagement

  • Telepolis

  • TER: telecommunications electronic reviews (Abstracts)



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