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Brief Profile of Prof. P. Balabhaskaran, Director

IBS (ICFAI Business School), Ahmedabad


Educational Background


·         B Tech  from IIT Madras 1972

·         PGDM  from IIM Bangalore 1976

·         CFA  from ICFAI Hyderabad 1992

·         CMC  from IMCI  Mumbai 1999


Professional Experience

a. From 1972 to 1974 and 1976 to 1981: Worked in industry in  the areas of production planning, control, industrial engineering, and corporate planning.

b. From 1981 to 1994: worked in financial institution in the areas of project planning, evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation.  Was actively involved in computerization of the internal processes.   

c. Worked as an independent management consultant catering to mid-size companies during 1994 and 1995.  The assignments included technical assessment of existing plan for take-over, expansion plan and loans indication in the areas of Kraft paper, refractory bricks, cotton yarn, glazed tiles etc, market assessment, feasibility studies, financial restructuring etc    

d. Associated with ICFAI Business School since May 1995.  Was involved in initiating the centre at Ahmedabad from modest beginning to the current state of 500 students, 27 faculty members and 45 researchers.  Created academic delivery system, mobilized faculty resources and created the academic ambiance. At present designated as Director of the Ahmedabad Campus.  In addition involved in the core group of IBS trying to establish campuses abroad.   



 a. Edited Books


1. Strategic Leadership: Concepts and Experiences; Icfai University Press, Feb 2006

2. Futurology: Initiatives and Forecasts; Icfai University Press Apr 2007.

3. KPO: A Shifting Paradigm; Icfai University Press, Sep 2007.

4. Cluster Initiatives: Engine of Economic Growth, Icfai University Press, July 2008   


b. Papers, Articles, Cases

1. Ganga Papers Ltd;  A case published in IIM-B Reports 1991

2. Privatisation: Ground Realities; an article published in ICAI Journal, June 1994

3. Innovating for Competitiveness: Icfai Journal of Management Research, May 2001. [This was

    presented in the Nirma International Conference held at Nirma Institute of Management in Jan

    2001 and won the Best  Paper award.]

4. Project Identification: Strategic Options; an article published in Projects and Profits, May 2001.

5. Managing for Value-Creation; an article published in Global CEO Sep 2005.

6. Futurology, In Perspective; an article published in Icfai Journal of Management Research, June


7. Relevance of Some Future Studies; an article published in Icfai Journal of Management

    Research, April 2007.

8. Knowledge Era: Triggering the Paradigm Shift; an article published in Global CEO, June 2007.

9. A Framework for Cluster Initiatives in the Indian Context, an article published in Cluster

     Initiatives,    July 2008


10 Cluster Development: The Indian Experience an article published in Cluster Initiatives, July



c Book-Reviews/Summaries

1. Individualised Corporation by Sumantra Ghoshal; this book review is included in the book

    ‘Strategic     Leadership: Concepts and Experiences’.


2. Leadership Engine by Noel Tichy and Ram Charan; This Book-Review is included in the edited

    book ‘Strategic     Leadership: Concepts and Experiences.’


3. Millennium Project: Review of the book ‘End of Poverty’ by Jeffrey Sachs, Penguin 2005; this is

     included in the edited book ‘Futurology: Forecasts and Initiatives.’

4. Learning the Gestalt Way:  review of the book ‘A Whole New Mind’ By Daniel H Pink, Penguin

     2005. This was included in the edited book, ‘KPO: A Shifting Paradigm.’




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