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Library Staff

T.  B. Ghosh, B. A. Hons (Eco), B. Lib. Sc., ADISc (DRTC)

Librarian (Since 1st December 2008)

Former Librarian, S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat (November 1988 to November 2008)

Ramakrishna Mission, Kamarpukur, Hooghly, West Bengal, Ramakrishna Mission Ranchi, Bihar,

Ranchi University, Ramchi,

Mineral Exploration  Corporation, Hyderabad

Special Interest: Digital Library and RFID Technology

Established Digital Library and Complete RFID including Self-Check out and check in and Book Derop System in S.V.N.I.T., Surat

Launch Website at for accessing e-book, e-journals and other information

Nimisha N. Solanki, B. Com., M. L. I. Sc., D. C. A.

Library Assistant: IBS, Ahmedabad  (Since 13th Oct' 2008)

Librarian: N. M. Gopani Polytechcic Library. (Aug-2004 - Feb. 2006)

Library Trainee:  CEPT University, (Oct. 2002 - Aug. 2004)

Library Trainee: Gujarat Vidyapith,  (Aug - Oct. 002)

Library Trainee: Gujarat University (Oct. 2001 - March 2002)


Miksha Patel, B. Com., M. L. I. Sc

Library assistant: IBS, Ahmedabad, (Since Nov. 2008)

Library Trainee: CEPT University, ( Feb 2007 - Oct. 2008 )

Library Trainee: Gujarat University., ( Nov. 2006 - Jan. 2007 )

Vanita V. Sagar, B. A.,  B. Ed., B. L. I. Sc.

Library Assistant, IBS, Ahmedabad (Since February, 2009

Library Trainee: CEPT Unoversity, (Dec. 2007 Nov. 2008)

Library Trainee: Gujarat University, (March 2007 - Aug. 2007)


Sejal D. Sanchela, M. Com., M. L. I. Sc.

Library assistant (Since 1st. Nov 2009

Library Trainee: Gujarat Vidyapith, (May - Oct. 2001)

Library Trainee: IPR (Nov. - Dec. 2001)

Library assistant: B.J. Medical College (Dec. 2001 - Dec. 2002)


Rest of the information is awaied